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*stop...now wiggle with it*

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cheer up, it's ok to be happy you music<br>elitist
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grrr...i had to get the emo. at least theres the indie tied in thurr though. but yea, the play. it was fun. the play itself was confusing though. all i know is david looked awesome as a 93 year old man. morgan looked beautiful, she had this one part where she screamed really loud out of nowhere. scary. everyone like pissed there pants. and marissa when the one guy threw his wife down "oh god!" lol. i heart marissa. so the people there were me (of course) marissa kylie susanna nick mitchell stephani richard rance doug scott tyler morgan and david and the guy from my french class. oh fun. yea, rance kept making fun of their fake beards. haha. doug threw his jacket off the stage (the one the chairs were on) and it made this loud sound like a curtain fell down and i was laying on my back on a table after the play and he sat on my back and practically killed me. heh. scott gave me A REAL HUG! squeezing and everything. i got evil looks from tyler. suzie took pictures. me marissa kylie suzie rance and doug roamed the halls of chs in the dark (fun) and sat outside for quite a while. marissa and i stole the poster for crucible (created by feeney) off the walls of the school. suzie stole a poster (that doug eventually took) and a door-stop. rance had gum in wrappers with smiley faces on them. it was fun times. well, off i go. nothing to do this weekend. call me if anyone finds something :-D mucho <3

some lyrics:

*fuck what i said it dont mean shit now - fuck the presents might as well throw them out - fuck all the kisses - they didnt mean jack - fuck you you ho - i dont want you back*

*so tight - so fly - you got me lifted, shifted higher than the ceilin - and ooowee its the ultimate feeling - you got me lifted feelin so gifted - sugar how you get so fly - sugar, sugar how you get so fly*
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