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.i got a $20 bill it says no ones ever seen you w. out makeup, youre always made up.

so i have done absolutely nothing this weekend. its so weird. i do something like every night during the week and then theres nothing to do on the weekend. well, at least that im aware of before i read about it in everyones journal (i.e. the mall and driving around and lunar eclipse everyone had a party to last night). its to be expected though. i cant wait till tomorrow. i will get to stay home and hopefully party myself away. then i will be off tues too. oooh yea. rance has a boo now. haha. thats fun. so um, my coke is posessed. thats fun. my gmas house is seriously haunted and these fucking invisabable fuckers wont stop hitting my coke. it was strange and scary at first but now it just pisses me off. lol. oh well. off i go to find something or another to do. mucho <3.
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