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.you and i are like when fire and the ocean floor collide.

"consider this a letter that i never sent however inconsiderate it seems do you still consider me?" - brand new

"youve got wit, youve got looks, youve got passion but are you brave enough to leave with me tonight" - dashboard

mmmhmm. so xanga is gay. so is this. i still heart it though. so beebs re-asked me out again. what to say? decisions decisions. i love him so very much but thats the reason we broke up (partly). we were getting...i dunno. i talked to him so much i had nothing to say when i called and then i started getting mad bc we never talked and blah. so i thought we should take a break. and like with school and him being busy i dont see him anyways. well, on rare occasions. so i was thinking school = singleness and no worried and stress...summer = freedom and <3. so i have no clue what to say. im scared if we really waited that long we would become all distant and he wouldnt want to go out with me. why must the world be so difficult? i mean sheesh. i have to give an answer though. he will be at the show tomorrow (wow, no swimming or mowing grass) so that will be awkward. hmmm. what to do. ack. jerrett has convinced me to *try* and pick up skating again. i need a break from emo anyways. might as well give it a try. man oh man...i havent skated since i broke my arm. im going to suck so much ass if i do. screw the world...i am anyways. i heart you all. all who read this and all who dont.<3
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