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.do you understand the dream is over.

okay so i am very pissed right now bc my dad always has to take him precious time to give me an answer to anything. its like he takes just until its too late. ataris concert. he tells me today THE DAY BEFORE "*sigh* i guess so". so off i go on my merry way to ticketmaster.com and sarah gets online and informs me that they were almost sold out when she got her ticket (quite a long time ago). i have no clue how many times ive tried to go to a show and theyve been sold out. i was in the car on my way to the chevelle concert and called to see if they had them at the door or if i had to go to kroger and they tell me theyre sold out so i had to go home and alex has to go alone. god damn the world! oh man i wanted to go to that concert so much. me and kylie had been planning on it for months. and now she and everyone will go and have a kickass time and come back and tell me or write all about it until i feel like complete shit. fuck fuck fuck. screw the world. okay last night

the show owned most of the time. there was depression though as usual. i wanted beebs. tiffannie was there. cj looked beautiful. liz is too. i looked like crap and closely resembled a dude. the michael kid was annoying the hell out of me. stephani went.

on the up side saw jerrett. hes great. got a few seconds where i got to lay with beebs. got in a mosh until i busted my nose. layed in the comfortable chair in the back corner. got to hear 5td play saves the day. sarah and tara went and their names rhyme and thats fun. rance dyed his hair orangey red. justin made me laugh ("this songs about stalkers"). doug is great. got in a semi wrestling match with beebs. kl went. tj is ugly and that makes me giggle. fat ass was there (that kept me laughin for a good couple of hours). scott gave real hugs. there was probably more but i dont remember and i have to give ronnie a code now. love<3

ps. the purple teeth marks on my shoulder and side are fading (grr at nick mitchell)...they are almost gone. should be by tomorrow. mmmbuhbye.

pss. RIP dear shadow (sings toni braxton)
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