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.run run rudolph.

staticx9111112: dp will you marry me?
captivecambria29: really?
captivecambria29: :-)...of course i will. i love you.
staticx9111112: :-D
captivecambria29: hey beebs....
staticx9111112: dp?
captivecambria29: will you marry me too?
staticx9111112: i will i will
captivecambria29: :-D
captivecambria29: are you sure?
staticx9111112: i'm positive like a hippo
captivecambria29: are hippos positive?
staticx9111112: i dont know but they seem to be
captivecambria29: lol, just making sure
staticx9111112: have you ever seen a negitive hippo?
captivecambria29: i can honestly say i havent
captivecambria29: :-)
staticx9111112: well i sure havent

haha...this kid makes my day<3
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