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.the suspense is terrible...i hope it lasts.

if the good lord intended us to walk, he wouldnt have invented roller skates.

adu adu, parting is such sweet sorrow.

yea, watching willy wonka. i dont care what anyone says, this movie owns. has some good one liners. gene wilder is a p-i-m-p. so its turkey day and im the only reject online. figures. im tired and hungry and theres some kick a shows coming on so i will watch tv all day. the goonies, a christmas story, and so forth. yumm. eating pudding until turk turk is done. about three hours or so. sheesh. so xanga is down. thats a bitch. me and all my journals. oh danielle, you complain so much. im talking to myself again. sorry. so yesterday i was supposed to find a ride home. went downstairs after school and no one was there. that would happem. so i sat around and talked to chris curry until we were the only ones left. he also had no ride. so i was walking home, him to his uncles. grand. dad was on his way to get me though so he picked me up about half way. i got lucky there. it was a bit nipply. so theres all these jesusmas commercials on. i love this time of year. halloween - jesusmas. especially around halloween. thats my favorite. the early november time. hey thats a band. and a good one at that. ha. yea...so me dad and the bro went to meijer and picked up some turkey day stuff we had forgetten. then i went to my grams. beebs was there. joi. we kicked it and...ya know. all the fun stuff there is to do at my grams. which isnt a lot but we improvise. we ate some yumm spaghetti for dinner and he ended up going home...i dont know what time it was. 8 or so? who knows. went home and called him. fell asleep on the phone a couple of times. i was so tired. so he let me go ("could you let me go?"...love that song) and i caught some majorly needed zzzs. so time to go watch the parade. im a geek i know. much love.

ps. tomorrow im going movie crazy! cat in the hat, brother bear, and elf. oh yea.

pss. bj is taking me to see the last samuri. lol. im taking him to see the nutcracker. he wrote me a six and a half page story, breaking his record of 4 pages and also writing me the longest note/story ive ever gotten. bj...you own.
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